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77 rue des archives, 75003 Paris 09 71 07 24 94 Lun-Ven 10h00 - 19h00 (sur rendez-vous)
77 rue des archives, 75003 Paris 1-646-809-702-3 Mon-Fri 10 am - 7 pm (by appointment)
77 rue des archives, 75003 Paris 1-646-809-702-3 周一至周五上午10点至下午7点(预约)
77 rue des archives, 75003 Paris 1-646-809-702-3 Пн-Пт с 10:00 до 19:00 (по предварительной записи)

Emeralds all over the world

The emerald’s mines are mainly based in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Related to their geographic’s origin and the geological characteristic of the ground they come from, emeralds will have a unique identity. Coming from Colombia, Brazil, Zambia or Afghanistan, each emerald will be different one from another.

Emeralds of Colombia

Emeralds extracted since the Inca’s period

It is in Colombia that are extracted the purest emeralds. Most famous reference in the industry, its really intense green color is the origin of it.
Since the XIIIe century, Incas has been exploited the emerald’s mines. Back then, the gems were use for religious purpous.
A the XVIe century, the Spaniards invade the area and exploited the mines of Chivor and Muzo. Located in the province of Bogota, those mines are still used today and figured among the most important places of the Colombian’s markets. Emerald’s industry is an really important part of the economy of the country, that has today the leadership of the industry in the world.

A slowing down production

The mains exploitations are based in the oriental part of the Andes, in the area of Bogota. The most importants are Chivor, Muzo, Penas Blancas and Coscuez.
The Colombian’s gouvernement have been hardly working to cleaned up the business, that was suffering of a bad reputation, due to its relation with the drug cartels. Today, thanks to the efforts of the gouvernement and the producers, the Colombian’s markets is now more transparent.
But the production is now slowing down. The specialist are even saying that there is a high risk that the Colombian’s emeralds will soon stoped to be extracted. This is one of the reason why the Colombian’s emeralds are the most expensive, and their prices keep on growing every year.

Emeralds of Zambia

A recent but ambitious production

It is only in 1931 that have been discovered the first Zambian’s mines, the one of Miku. In the latest 60’s, a few others mines have been discovered, like Kamakanga and Kagem. The history of the Zambian’s emerald can be considered as the most recent one. But today, its already among the biggest producer of the world. If the majority of the mines are consider as little (about 400 of them), only the three biggest are providing the production of the country.
This industry brings about $200 millions per year. The Britannic company « Gemfields », already known to be the first gemstone producer of the world, is working all over the country. There is a strong presumption that the Zambian’s emerald production will keep on growing, as much as its price. It already became the most trendy, after the Colombian’s one, in the jewelry industry.

Unique colors

The Zambian’s emeralds is must appreciate by the jewelry professionals because of its unique color. It define itself by its dark and deep color, with a slight bluish tint. The term « Zambiar » is mostly used to talk about this fade of color.
The quality-price ratio of the Zambian’s emeralds is really significant of the interest of the markets.

Emeralds of Brazil

An important production

Brazil is today one of the mains emerald’s producer, for quality as well as quantity. Competing with Colombia, the Brazilian’s emeralds is define by its very large scale of color form light to intense dark green. The history of the exploitation of the Brazilian’s emerald is kind of recent. It all start in 1913 with the discover of a mine in Bahia, on the east area of the country.
The exploitation of the emerald’s mines have been boost, mainly in Sao Francisco.
Through the years, a few mines have been discovered all over Brazil. Despite this recent history, Brazil is today one of the most important emerald’s producer in the world.

A rich scale of color

If the Colombian’s emerald have been considered for a long time as the leader of the industry, Brazilian’s one are now in direct competition. With its rich scale of color, the Brazilian’s emerald have also a beautiful quality, with slight inclusions that made its value even higher.
Also, the Brazilian’s mines are know for their abounds of big gem, with are mostly wanted on the markets.

Emeralds of Afghanistan

A rich underground

Afghanistan is a geological miracle. Its underground is full of a coveted treasure : emerald. It is in the Pandjchir’s valley, in the north-east of Afghanistan, that are located the most important mines of the country. Even if the access is difficult, those mines are know since more than 2000 years for the quality of its gems.
Despite all the conflicts in the area, Afghanistan focus its efforts to structure the emerald’s industry, in order to make an official national business out of it.

High quality of emerald

The Afghan’s emeralds are easy to recognize due to their elongated shape. The most beautiful gems coming from there are known to have a perfect crystallization and a absolute degree of clarity.
We also find there emeralds of big size, wich is a big advantage compare to Pakistan where the gems barely exceed 2 carat. The Pandjchir’s emeralds are mostly exported to Dubaï and India to be cut.
The rarity of those emeralds made them be a highly wanted and expensive product. Their price can be the same than the Colombian’s one.

Emeralds of Pakistan

Ancients mines

From all the emerald’s producers, the Pakistan is probably the less famous from the public, probably because of its problematic political situation that kept on going for years. However, the Pakistanis’s emeralds are well appreciated by the specialist for its extraordinary quality.
Located in the valley of Swat, the mines of Mingora is the place where are extracted most of the Pakistanis gems. The existence of this natural treasure is due to the encounter of two tectonic plates : the Indi-Pakistanis and the Kohistan.
Some recent research have proved that the emeralds found in France during the Roman’s empire were coming from this area. 2500 years ago, those mines were already exploited.
They have been slowly forgotten in the beginning of the Chritian’s era, mostly due to the political history of the country.

High quality emeralds

It’s in 1958 that the Mingora’s mines have been officially rediscover. But in 2008, the valley fall under the taliban’s control, who pillaged it in order to finance their army. Since then, the area have been pacify by the Pakistanis authority, with allowed the creation of an official industry in the country. The Pakistanis’s emeralds have a tint that remind of the Colombian’s one. But, despite of their beauty, they have a major default : they rarely exceed a 2 cart weight.
Indeed, Pakistanis’s emeralds are not used for high-jewelry.